Tendon and Ligaments Injuries 


The posterior muscles of the leg consist of two muscle groups, surface and deep.
In the surface group is the Achilles tendon with its insertion into the heel bone.
The Achilles tendon can be subject to inflammation that affects the tendon itself or its sheath.
This can also be caused by shoes with low backs or long boots that compress this region and hamper the work of the tendon.
Achilles tendon ruptures usually have degenerative injuries in common.
Repeated microtrauma almost always related to sport, hyperactivity and ageing, causing loss of the tendon’s physical properties.
Rupture is almost always total. In very few cases, it is partial, such as in young children, whose tendons are very elastic. In elderly people, due to the ageing process, tendon fibres are less elastic and less resistant, and have higher proteoglycan and water content.


Bursitis (inflammatory reaction) generally resulting from microtrauma caused by the constant rubbing of narrow, hard or high-heeled footwear.
The superficial bursae become inflamed and swelling and hyperkeratosis of the skin is observed.


Use of a walker is necessary to raise the heel bone, keep it at rest and avoid overexertion.