Arthrosis and Rizarthrose


Joint degeneration leads to arthrosis. Rheumatoid disease gives its name to the disease known as rheumatoid arthritis, in which, besides other disabling manifestations, such as pleuropulmonary and cardiac disease, articular disorders have particular clinical presence by  ffecting the synovial tissue of either joints or tendons, with the presence of tenosynovitis, resulting in the destruction of joint structures, causing deformity and rigidity, together with loss of cartilage and inflammation of adjacent tissue.


The progressive articular degeneration, along with cartilage destruction, inflammation and articular deformity, mainly affecting the hand and lower limbs, causes pain and loss of mobility with articular rigidity. 


It is important to combine rehabilitation techniques with different types of orthosis, which can be passive or active with the following main functions:
Pain relief, prevention of joint deformity and its progression in the hand and fingers.
Immobilisation and relaxation of the ligaments and soft tissue, thereby decreasing inflammation.
As the method of post-surgical immobilisation and alignment in endoprosthesis cases.