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When you choose Prim, you trust on the efforts of more than 500 persons who, daily, provide specific solutions to each of your needs. When you choose Prim, you have the certainty to be supplied with products developed by a Spanish company, trading on the Stock Exchange and which is at your Health service for more than 140 years.


We feel very proud


At Prim, we feel very proud of being one of the multinational of reference in the orthotics field. We export to the 5 continents and our products comply with the required certifications in each market, but the most important is that, thanks to you, we find a reason to improve.


Passion for orthotics


Passion for orthotics and strength of one of the most dynamic health group, remain at your disposal every time you contact us, to offer you the solution you need. Orthotics, prosthetics, mastectomy, raw materials, manufacturing plant, rehabilitation, support products and so over 15.000 references which make our relationship UNIQUE.