New airmed wrist splints

Prim offers a new range of Airmed wristbands.

This new line stands out among other wristbands due to its lightness and softness.
Made of semi-rigid, padded lycra and elastic tissue in the thoracic region; allow a fully anatomical adaptation.
They are also available with or without thumb, boasting an immobilizer accessory, so they can be used in any finger.

Bebax Correction Orthosis

The Bebax correction orthosis is prescribed to babies to correct forefoot deformities.

Bebax is an innovative, padiatric orthosis designed for progressive and dynamic correction of congenital forefoot deformities. Highly regarded
as a medically accepted alternative to casting or splints and an effective treatment for correcting forefoot deformities.
The approximate duration of treatment is 35 days. Not recommended for treatment of clubfoot or intended for use while walking.


  • Congenital forefoot deformities connected with structural deformities: Metatarsus Varus, Pes Talus, Talus Valgus, Pes Varus, Pes Valgus, Pes Supinatus.
  • Secondary treatment (following surgery) for Talipes Equinovarus.
  • Prevent retractions for disorders of muscular or neurologic origin.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal alternative to plaster casts or splints, eliminating skin problems commonly associated with casting.
  • Patented multi-directional hinge enables the forefoot to be adjusted, in relation to the hind foot, on all three planes: vertical, horizontal and oblique.
  • Multi-directional hinge is quickly and easily adjusted to position the forefoot in the desired position: abduction, adduction, pronation, supination and external and internal translation.

COMFORSIL evolves with you

COMFORSIL evolves with you

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Manufacturing plant

Prim Ortopedia, has a complete range of fully finished complex products.

Thanks to our manufacturing plant , equipped with the latest equipment and technology , we can offer this type of product . With our cutting equipment,  3D CAD- CAM system and other numerical control systems , managed to make available high quality standards and ergonomics.



New Textile Drop foot Orthosis


Prim presents the new Textile Drop foot Orthosis


Consists of two separated pieces, a supra-malleolar strap over the ankles and a non-slip support union to fix between the tongue and shoelaces by means of a central anchorage hook type. Both parts are linked by an elastic for the traction, adjustable, for a major or minor flexion. On back part of the strap, there is an inner gel pad for a higher comfort on the Achilles tendon, and the instep area is padded to avoid frictions and undesired compressions. Discrete, flexible, it takes no space on the shoe, being easy to fit. To be used with lacing shoe. It has the function to produce dorsal flexion on the take-off phase of gait, indicated in flaccid palsy.


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New back supports: ACTION


The new back supports Action are now available with or without tensors and two colours to be able to choose the most adequate to the patien´s need.


Made of bicolour monofilament adding a touch of modern design. The new back supports Action are designed to be completely ergonomic.

Its base elastic fabric is composed of polymide and elastomer in such appropriate proportions that thes braces provide the best value comfort Vs. contention.


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