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Since 1870 … at the Health Service
Pedro Prim Fernández, an orthopaedic surgeon and specialist in rehabilitation, founded PRIM in the late 19th century (1870). He was a pioneer who imbued his small business with his vision and work ethic. Not content to set up a prosthetics workshop, in his search for comprehensive treatment options, he went so far as to establish a spa in Alsasua (Navarra). In order to go beyond merely fitting prosthetics, he pursued his patients’ wellbeing by providing a full range of care: diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
Even then, he adopted a full-service approach, focusing on quality of service and providing healthcare that was both professional and compassionate. His philosophy was a key factor that enabled the company to play an important role in the development of Spain’s medical and hospital supply industry.



“Innovation and quality is our company philosophy”

Innovation and quality is our company philosophy. Highly professional teams ensure continually the development and launching of new products and constant improvement in product quality and efficiency, as well as especially designed products to meet the requirements of specific customers / markets.

Our products, considered as medical devices, are manufactured accordingly with the CEE Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and its update Directive 2007/47/EC.

Our operations and procedures are developed accordingly with the requirements of ISO 13485: 2003 standards.

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Our Factory currently occupies facilities of over 6.000 m2 in Móstoles (on the outskirts of Madrid) and it has been conceived as a compact Development & Production Unit. This integration gives our production high efficiency in all processes, from conception of the idea to its placing on the market. Our strict Quality Policy is the final link in the chain to ensure that our products reach the market in the best condition. So that all our products are manufactured accordingly with the CEE Medical Device Directive 93/42/EC and its updated Directive 2007/47/EC with the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 standars. In that way, we produce more than 3.000 different items that are distributed both domestically and in foreign markets. This plant focuses its activity on Orthotics product lines with specialized units for the treatment of textiles, plastic and metal.

Following that front line, in the last two years there has been a strong commitment towards technological renovation in order to achieve higher added value products and improved production flexibility. To that end we have added new units for High Frequency sealing of textile products, we have significantly increased our stock of automatic sewing machines as well as die cutting and Velcro-cutter machines and we have incorporated a new automatic cutting machine with Cad-Cam reader system. And we are still planning new investment projects for continuous improvement of our products that will be released in the coming months.

Prim also has a second production facility in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo) for the development and manufacture of silicone product line, focused primarily on the Foot Care market. We have 3.500 m2, including manufacturing  facilities and warehouse that accommodate the most advanced technology in the sector allowing us to produce under the same standards that we apply to our center of Mostoles. As is the case with our Orthotics products, silicone products are distributed both in the Spanish market and internationally. The warehouse serves to the whole group.

“Continuous improvement processes in manufacturing”

Who is Prim Ortopedia


“Prim Ortopedia develops, manufactures and distributes orthopaedic products and daily living aids”
Prim Ortopedia develops, manufactures and distributes orthopaedic products and daily living aids trought orthopaedic supply shops, pharmacies and pharmacie dealers.

This includes an extensive range of orthotics such as ankle and knee support, girdles, wristbands, hyperextension braces, etc., as well as prostheses and prosthetic components, daily living aids, incontinence and electromedical products.

Prim sells products manufactured in-house under well-known brands such as PRIM, ORTHOPRIM, CAMP, ELCROSS, BEBAX, SWASH, TOPLINE, CONFORSIL, in Spain, and in other countries.
We also distribute other lines of orthopaedic products from leading international companies.