Osgood – Schalatter disease


Osgood Schlatter disease, or osteochondritis, is an inflammation (epiphysitis) of the protuberance on the top front of the tibia, caused by repeated overload before the area of growth is complete, which affects children and adolescents, especially those who grow rapidly or are highly active, in which mechanical stresses of the quadriceps overload its tendon insertion into the tuberosity of the tibia.


Mild or severe inflammation and pain located on the tuberosity of the tibia, with pressure sensitivity.
Pain increases with activity, becoming worse with running, jumping or sporting activities involving high mechanical stresses.


Rest and limitation of sporting activities to reduce mechanical stresses, together with the use of patella bands and open kneecap supports with patella straps that support the patellar tendon between the  kneecap and the area above the tibial tuberosity to minimise mechanical tension and overloads at the quadriceps insertion during physical activity.
As a method of preventing injury during sport, the use of patella bands is highly recommended.