Elastic bands

Elastic bands
100% adaptable to the body and lightweight. Ideal for daily use without reducing mobility


CompactBand UniBand MultiBand
For mild pain or long-term treatment.
Indications: lumbosciatica, lumbago,
rehabilitation, muscle weakness,
degenerative processes.
Made with monolament fabric with
Poromax front.
Indications: containment of small and
medium eventrations. Post-surgical and
postpartum containment belt.
Made from elastic bands fabric, available in dierent
heights to cover any need.
Indications: mild or moderate lower back pain,
post-surgical containment, postpartum.
Model 612: specially designed for costal injuries.
 elastic band 982BG  elastic band 983BG  elastic band 312  elastic band 313  elastic band 612  elastic band 613  elastic band 614
982BG 983BG 312 313 612 613 614
Tubular Band Band with
frontal opening
Low uniband
For abdominal or
costal use
High uniband 2-band belt
For abdominal or
costal use
3-band belt 4-band belt
 compactband982BG--983BG  compactband312-313  compactband612-614