e-sense ROM Knee brace


Telescopic ROM knee brace. maximum  control, optimum recovery.


Introducing the new optimiced   esnese telescopic ROM knee brace  for controlling  and protecting  the flexion/extension locking and movement of the knee in pre/post-surgical or post-injury situations.

One size, fits left and right.

Telescopic-bar extension system to enable height adjustment from  46 to 69 cm.

Non-slip-textured breathable pads.

Padded non-slip-textured medial-lateral plates that prevent the orthosis from slipping or rotating  around the leg.

Joint  with single locking.

Locking with single button.
Easy and comfortable: 0°, 15° and 30°.

 Wide range of flexion/extension control.

Flexion control from 0° to 120° in increments of 10° and extension control from 0°  to 90° also in increments of 10°.

Tool-less  adjustment.

Simple assembly,  no tools required for adjustment.

Secure fastening.

Straps to ensure secure fastening and perfect adjustment to the degree of inflammation of the knee.

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